OKLU Metal was established in 1975 as an LPG Cylinder Guard Ring and Bottom Ring Manufacturer of the biggest LPG Cylinder Producers of Turkey. As a Metal Process company, OKLU Metal designs and manufactures all kinds of LPG Cylinder related parts for over 500 different types, mainly Guard Rings and Bottom Rings of an LPG Cylinder.

Where is OKLU Metal?

GeoLocation of Kocaeli, TURKEY

OKLU Metal is located in the second biggest industrial city of Turkey, Kocaeli. Since, Turkey is in a very strategic location for reaching to all Middle East and North Africa (MENA), European, former Soviet Union (FSU), Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, OKLU Metal can act as a bridge to all these countries as a metal parts manufacturer of an LPG Cylinder.

OKLU Metal’s Advantage

OKLU Metal Co. Ltd.

OKLU Metal Co. Ltd. manufacters LPG Cylinder parts, shaping, cutting and deep drawing dies. With the help of strategic location of the industrial city of Kocaeli and experience of 40 years, OKLU Metal is able to provide the best quality of products without the high price tags.

  • Best Material Quality
  • New Technological Equipments
  • Just In-Time

OKLU Metal uses the best material quality for die production. We maintain consistent high quality between our end-products like LPG Cylinder Guard Ring and Bottom Ring, so that the whole LPG cylinder production line will operate flawlessly without the high repair costs at the time of production.

The technology used in production determines the end product quality. OKLU Metal never uses, produces or offers a part that is behind the needs of today’s LPG Cylinder technology.

Supplyment, Production and Transportation of the materials, equipments and end-products are carefully scheduled. Production capacity is carefully calculated for every product to prevent bottle necks about time schedule. Whole time-schedule and process of the work is reported to the customer by OKLU Metal to prevent misunderstandings and surprises for latency.

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