LPG Cylinder Valve Neck (or Collarette or Bung)

LPG Cylinder Valve Neck (Valve Boss) is the connection part of an LPG Cylinder body and the valve. Valve boss is also known as collarette in some countries. In an LPG Cylinder, all parts are connected to each other with welding except valve boss and valve connection. Welding the all parts makes an LPG Cylinder durable to all physical conditions. An LPG Cylinder is stored in hard conditions for years and in some countries it is used in hard conditions also. Cylinders are sometimes stored in an area with much humidity and temperature changes. This makes an LPG Cylinder easily have rust on the surface. Valve boss and valve connection is made by the means of threads inside the valve boss. That makes valve boss a critical part of the LPG Cylinder. It should be carefully machined in often calibrated CNC Machines and threads must be controlled in a proper way to prevent gas leakages from the valve to valve boss connections.

Main Valve Boss Production Phases

  • The raw material of valve boss is usually hot forged metal.
  • Depending on the size of the valve boss, proper CNC machine is used in production environment.
  • Depending on the demanded daily capacity, an apparatus for multiple valve boss production at the same time can be used.
  • If needed valve boss material is shot blasted after CNC machining.
  • Inside (or sometimes outside also) of the valve boss is threaded to make valve connection possible.
  • With a specific demand by the customer, the finished Valve Boss can be given a chemical coating for anti-corrosion.
  • The finished Valve Bosses are packed in boxes and shipped on wooden palettes.

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